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CA 346: Critical Internet StudiesEdit

Professor: Liz Ellcessor

TA: Danny Kimball

Website: Website is a blog of the class. Students are to post assigned blogs as well as posts about a final practicum project that we work on throughout the semester.

General overview of the class (from a student perspective): Class meets Monday and Wednesday with one discussion section per week. The material ranges from the technical history of the Internet to information about gamers. It is pretty interesting, but notes are a must. Quizzes take questions directly from notes, so as long as you attend class and take notes, you should do well. Practicum projects get a little drawn out because it is a full semester assignment, but it is not hard and sometimes fun.

CA 470: Contemporary Political DiscourseEdit

Professor: Mary McCoy

TA: Brandi Rogers

General overview of the class (from a student perspective): Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday, with one discussion section per week. Lectures basically consist of the professor reading from notes and students vigorously trying to keep up. However, there is only a [take-home] mid-term and final and the questions can be answered easily if you attend class and get good notes. There is a lot of reading, most of which seems irrelevant to the subject matter, but it is only really necessary for the weekly quote assignments. Test questions generally do not come from readings. Like I said, lecture is boring sometimes confusing, but discussion is great and it brings material together. However, that does not mean it helps for the test either.

Spanish 324: Survey of Modern Spanish LitEdit

Professor: Kata Beilin

General Overview of the Class (from a student perspective): This class meets twice a week as a power lecture, and it covers Spanish literature from books and movies. The brunt of the work from this class is, of course, the reading. Sometimes the stories can take a long time and are confusing, but they need to be read before class in order to take part in participation. There is only one mid-term paper and one final exam. The mid-term is very easy, and the final is based on literary questions based on readings. Additional grading is based on (3) short response papers and daily quizzes. The class can be interesting if you have read and understand the story, but I think that it could be shortened to a 50 minute class and we would get the same information from it.

Spanish 327: Intro to Spanish LinguisticsEdit

Professor: Catherine Stafford

General Overview of the Class (from a student perspective): This class meets twice a week as a power lecture and discusses the linguistics of the Spanish language. Course material ranges from phonetics to word evolution, among others. There are 3 tests (including the final), one mid-term paper, and a group presentation. The paper and the presentation are not difficult, although group projects in general can be a struggle if you get a group that does not pull their weight. Tests are quite difficult, but the professor is very kind with grading. It is necessary to keep up with homework and go to class in order to understand material. It is difficult material, but can be interesting and the professor is very nice in this class.

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